Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault

Comprehensive services for individuals and families include:

  • 24-hour crisis line: 800-523-3666
  • Advocacy
  • Community education
  • Crisis counseling
  • Safe Haven emergency shelter
  • Therapy
  • Transitional housing
  • Support groups for women and men


The Choosing Non-Violence group is for men who have abused their intimate partner. Most participants are court-ordered to this 36-week course. The goal of the group is to help participants identify abusive behaviors and learn new ones in order to have a healthy relationship.

MUJERES Y VALORES (Women and Values Group)
This group was started in 2002 by therapist Sister Jan Mengenhauser and several Latina women in response to the high demand of Latina women seeking help to heal from domestic violence. This six-week group is offered twice a year and facilitated by Latina women in the community. It’s free to attend and child care is offered during the group session.

This support group is offered to program participants in the shelter and survivors in the community once a week, in a confidential location to increase safety. A group for children is offered at the same time and location in an effort to eliminate the barrier of child care for the adults attending group.

This 17-week educational group recognizes that a woman’s path to using violence is fundamentally different than a man’s use of violence and, therefore, requires a different path to non-violence. The group is designed for women who have been abused, or those who struggle against on-going abuse, and have turned to using violence against their intimate partner. This is a closed group and all participants must complete the intake process before attending.