The Ruth K. Solomon Girls Program is for girls ages 5 to 18. This program incorporates educational, cultural, social, recreational activities.

Eligibility: Girls ages 5-18 who attend a local school in Douglas County in Nebraska.

The Heartland Family Service Ruth K. Solomon Girls Program Program has a focus on education, arts, and leadership, while providing an environment that empowers our young ladies to be their very best.

The Ruth K. Solomon Girls Program is open to girls 5-18 years old. Our emphasis for summer 2019 will be on maintaining and improving academic success, implementing leadership and community art projects while helping our girls build positive social skills. The girls will work with accomplished professional artists, creative writers, and community leaders from the Omaha area. Most important, the Ruth K. Solomon Girls Program offers a small group experience for girls. For effective programs and events, the girls are divided into the following age groups: 5 – 7 yrs., 8 – 10 yrs., 11 – 12 yrs., and teens.