Programs and Services

Just as we’ve done since 1875, Family Service has led the way in helping to keep children and families healthy, happy and strong.

Our agency utilizes a strength-based approach that emphasizes sanctuary principles. We recognize and acknowledge the significant difficulties, stress, and trauma that many of our clients experience, and we make it a priority to provide a safe and welcoming environment to receive services. Our programs offer education and opportunities for self-evaluation that permit each individual to make informed decisions regarding his or her life and growth.

The primary eligibility is a need for services. Persons residing in the agency’s service area (metro Omaha and Southwest Iowa) are eligible for our services without regard to race, color, religion, sex, handicap, national origin or age. Certain programs within the agency may have specific eligibility criteria, so please speak with a staff person or the agency’s intake worker if you have questions. Call 402-552-7400.

A Guide to Our Services Brochure

Heartland Family Service offers the following major programs:



Addiction can affect every aspect of society.  Children with a family history of addiction have a four-fold chance of developing addiction in their life.  Therefore, it is important for those with addictions to get help to regain control over their lives.  Alcohol and other substance and gambling treatment programs are designed to address the needs of family members in addition to the person in treatment. The programs are designed around best-practice research that increases the chances for success. In addition, outpatient treatment enables the client to continue to meet job, school and family obligations.

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Child Abuse

Child abuse is a heartbreaking fact in our community. When children are at risk, we go into the family home to teach parents safe methods of discipline and to connect the family with services they need. Their needs are strong, and the protection and care they are given during this transition to a safe home arrangement is critical to their well-being now and for the future.

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Community Services & Centers

Our neighborhood centers and services enhance daily living for special populations. Participants enjoy friendship, fun and healthy food during out-of-school time and throughout the day. Good nutrition and education for children and adults are important components of our centers. The Ways to Work program helps parents repair poor credit scores.

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Domestic Violence

Violent homes produce troubled family members. Women cannot properly care for children when they fear abusive outbursts from their partners. Children cannot focus on schoolwork, friendships or personal growth when they live in a trauma-filled environment. It is important to help these victims in order to break the cycle of abuse. Our Domestic Violence Program offers protection and transitional services to victims, survivors and those who care about them. All our services to victims/survivors are free.

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Early Childhood Development

Important developmental stages occur in the mind and body of the young child. Research demonstrates that preschoolers have already developed life-long attitudes that pave the way for subsequent behaviors. Healthy habits begin to take hold, as well as those that are harmful. Learning how to make healthy choices for their minds and bodies is one of the most important skills young children can gain.

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Juvenile Delinquency

Even the teens with the worst behavior problems are not “bad” kids. For the most part, they have been through tougher times than most of us will ever know. Abandonment, loss, physical or sexual abuse, mental illness—all create trauma that plays out in destructive behaviors that form in the undeveloped psyche of youth. The boys and girls we work with are tough, it is true. But they have strong potential to get back on the right path.

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Mental Health

Heartland Family Service has more than 50 therapists who specialize in various aspects of mental health. Therapy is so necessary to the successful functioning of our clients that therapists work in nearly every program of our agency. Volunteer opportunities in this profession are few, but donations are dearly needed because we serve so many clients on our sliding-fee scale.

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Poverty & Homelessness

More and more families are struggling to meet daily needs. At any one point in time, there are more than 1,200 children and adults in our community who are experiencing some form of homelessness. Even for those who have a home, our client data reveals that 80% of our clients have annual incomes of $20,000 or less. The requests for emergency assistance far outnumber our resources.

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