Ben was just so angry all the time. Why would his mom leave him for drugs? Why did his father abandon him when he was just a baby? He knew that his grandparents had meant well, but he still couldn’t help himself from lashing out at them. And now he didn’t even have them.

After her husband died eight years ago, Flora was feeling lonely and depressed.

As a child, Michelle Kaczmarek watched her mom live a life of drugs and alcohol. And after her mom and step-dad divorced when she was 12 years old, she and her younger sister often didn’t know where they were going to sleep.

During her childhood, Angie’s “normal” was full of drugs, violence, and run-ins with law enforcement. Her father had been in prison her whole life, and her mom raised all four kids by herself. To make ends meet, her mom sold drugs, which also landed her in jail off and on. “I started using meth with her when I was 12, and it just sort of catapulted from there,” says Angie, now in her 30s. “By now, I thought I would be dead or in prison.”