Mallorie met her first boyfriend when she was just a teenager. When they started spending all of their time together, she discovered he was not who he claimed to be.

After Tiffany suffered abuse at the hands of a family member as a child, her once-happy life was never the same. When she turned 15, she started using methamphetamine with her boyfriend, who physically abused her daily. A vicious cycle soon began, and she felt powerless to find a way out of it.

Jayce was a happy toddler when his stepfather came into his life. Soon after, however, Jayce’s demeanor changed drastically. He became very angry and carried that emotion into elementary school, where his outbursts scared other children. At such a young age, Jayce could not verbalize what was wrong,
so he acted out.

After Destiny’s parents separated, she felt angry and frustrated. She took her emotions out on her mother and withdrew from her friends. One day, her mom enrolled her in the Ruth K. Solomon Girls Program so she could spend time with other young women.