This program assists parents in building healthy relationships during critical early years of his or her child’s life.  Three programs are offered to accommodate interests and schedules of parents: development newsletters, socializations groups, and home visits.

Eligibility: Parents ages 22 and older, residing in Douglas and Sarpy counties in Nebraska.

Child and Adult Care Food Program

Nutritional resource for caregivers and day care providers in the home. Child care providers gain assistance with a monthly reimbursement check, professional information resources and consultation, complete child care training, and wrap-around assistance.

Eligibility: Child care or day care provider in the Douglas or Sarpy counties in Nebraska.

Family and Child Care Resource Center

Information and materials on family issues and child development for parents, child care providers, and teachers. All materials, trainings, and resources are available at discounted prices, and play an important role in educating children.

Eligibility: Services provided to parents, teachers, and child care providers in Nebraska.

Healthy Alternatives for Little Ones

Substance abuse prevention program for 3- to 6-year-old children. The program is taught in early childhood settings to help children build skills for growing in healthy ways. HALO adopts a positive approach that continues to empower children with knowledge and confidence to understand that choices are healthy or harmful, through songs, games, and hands-on activities.

Eligibility: HALO is available for purchase nationwide.

Jefferson House

Residential children’s shelter and group home for children who have been removed from their homes for alleged neglect or abuse. Residential safety is provided to children birth to age 18. Group home services are provided to youth ages 12 to 18 who require care and supervision to meet their physical and emotional needs.

Eligibility: Services provided primarily in Burt, Cuming, Dodge, and Washington counties in Nebraska.

In-Home Services

Home-based services designed to reduce or eliminate neglect, abuse, or exploitation of youth unable to protect themselves.

  • Family Support Services: Focuses on preserving the family unit or reunifying the youth with his or her parents, foster family, grandparents, guardian, or primary caregiver.
  • Parenting Time: Works to sustain the bond between children and their parents/guardians while the child is removed from the home.

Eligibility: Families involved in the State of Nebraska due to allegations of abuse and/or neglect. Services provided primarily in Dodge, Douglas, Sarpy, Saunders, and Washington counties in Nebraska.

Positive Parenting Group

Parenting classes for socially and economically challenged families. This 12-week course that focuses on teaching nurturing parents skills also offers transportation and free child care, and is available in English, Spanish, and Karen/Burmese.

Eligibility: Families with children, birth to age 12. Services are provided in Douglas County in Nebraska.

Ready in 5

Program that seeks to prepare preschool age refugee children and their parents for the American school system through in-home groups and a center-based site. Staff also assist families to enroll in kindergarten, preschool, and Head Start.

Eligibility: Refugee families with children 3-6 years of age. Services are provided in Douglas County in Nebraska.

Funding: The Ready in 5 program is made possible with generous support from Lincoln Financial Group.

Refugee Juvenile Justice Advocate

Advocacy and case management services for refugee minors in the juvenile justice system and their parents. The advocate acts as a resource and liaison between the justice system and the refugee, reminding the minor and his/her family of any appointments and actions that need to be taken. Advocates speak common refugees’ languages: Karen, Karenni, Burmese, Nepali, Mai Mai, Arabic, Nuer, and Dinka.

Eligibility: Refugees age 18 and under referred by the juvenile justice system. Services provided in Douglas County in Nebraska.

Ruth K. Solomon Girls Program

Summer enrichment academy for girls ages 5 to 18. This program incorporates educational, cultural, social, recreational activities.

Eligibility: Girls ages 5-18 who attend a local school in Douglas County in Nebraska.

Generations Center

Recreational, social, and nutritional programming to meet the needs of seniors over the age of 60. The Center offers a sponsored lunch for those 60 and older, monthly musical entertainment, weekly activities, and transportation. There is no cost for membership.

Eligibility: Seniors ages 60 and over.

Victim Empathy

This course is based on the principles of Restorative Justice that helps offenders acknowledge the harm their crime had on the victim and to the community. Classes are for youthful offenders referred from Douglas County Probation and Diversion and adults in Douglas County Corrections.

Eligibility: Youth referred by Douglas County Probation and Diversion.  Adults in Douglas County Corrections. Services provided in Douglas County in Nebraska.

Youth Links

Residential crisis stabilization center for boys ages 10-18 who have been found to be delinquent or whom are status offenders. Individualized program that provides assessments and services, which help the youth re-enter in the community safely. Services include individualized Safety plans, treatment plan, individual and group therapy, credit recovery because of our approved Rule 18 on-site school, vocational and independent living skills, recreational activities, and community service.

Eligibility: Boys ages 10-18 referred by providers, such as Juvenile Probation, the Department of Health and Human Services, and Nebraska Families Collaborative.  Services provided in Douglas, Sarpy, and other surrounding counties in Nebraska.


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