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Lisa Gets a Wake-up Call

After a childhood spent in and out of juvenile detention centers, Lisa began using meth at age 18 through the influence of her dad. Eight years later, she was six-months pregnant with her fourth child and still getting high to escape from the pain in her life. Read more

Mitch 600 SS

Mitch Found His Way

Mitch has always been good with his hands. For decades, he relied on his skills to escape from the effects of schizophrenia. But his path in life never seemed to lead anywhere good. He needed a helping hand, a guide. Read more

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Jillian Succeeds

Sixteen-year-old Jillian had a difficult start in life. Her mother died of a gunshot wound when Jillian was only 12 years old. Then her father, who had abused her mother for years, started taking his anger out on Jillian. Read more


Marla Improves Her Odds

Marla enjoyed going to the casino once a month with her three sisters. It thrilled her to win money, event if it was just a small amount. Read more


Grace Restores Her Self-Image

Grace was a victim of her husband's abuse througout her 20-year marriage. He blamed her for a brain injury that impaired her understanding. Read more


Jane Restores Her Life

Jane finally gave in to her sisiter and made the call to Heartland Family Service. She knew she needed help for her depression, but had put it off because she just didn't believe anything would help. Read more


Max Remembers How to Smile

Max’s oldest daughter took him to our Senior Center for a visit, and was delighted to see that he showed some interest in the activities. Read more


Angela Gets Clean for Her Children

Thanks to the Family Works program, Angela worked hard to overcome her drug use, was reunited with her children and has a second chance to be a good mom. Read more

In the News Read All

Enrich Lives in Our Community by Volunteering

Omaha has been my home since I was a 1 year old. It was a great place in which to grow up, and a wonderful place to raise my family. As I got older, I knew that I wanted Omaha to stay a place where families will want to grow and thrive…hopefully, even a place that my own children will want to raise their families! Read More

Volunteer Makes a Big Impact on Domestic Violence Support Group

In celebration of National Volunteer Month, we asked our staff to recognize those who selflessly devote their time to help Heartland Family Service further our mission to strengthen individuals and families in our community through education, counseling and support services. Read More

‘Stand Up for Kids’ Comedy Night raises $45,000 for Jefferson House

The Jefferson House Advisory Committee worked its magic in raising a total of $45,000 at the 10th annual “Stand Up for Kids” Comedy Night on Saturday night at the Fremont Golf Club. Read More

Tips for Families Read All

How Do You Handle Stress?

As if modern life isn't stressful enough, an estimated 19 million adult Americans suffer from anxiety disorders. As opposed to everyday stress, generalized anxiety is chronic and creates disproportionate alarm over even minor events.Read More

Free and Anonymous Alcohol Self-Assessment Screening

April is Alcohol Awareness Month (and Thursday, April 11 is National Alcohol Screening Day®): a time to focus on a vast, and often unseen, problem.Read More

Prevent Dating Violence

Dating violence is using repeated emotional, verbal, physical or sexual abuse to frighten, hurt and control another person. It is all about power and control. If you, your friend or a family member is involved with someone displaying these characteristics, these helpful tips could be beneficial.Read More